Market Analysis

We provide in-depth specialized analyses on a wide range of market trends and subjects to consumers, producers, investors, governments, and other organizations – any entity that has a substantial financial exposure to commodities markets.

Some of CPM Group’s analysts and advisors have been involved in commodities markets since the 1970s and early 1980s, giving us tremendous depths of expertise. Our vast knowledge, gleaned from first-hand experience in trading, managing, banking, financing, hedging and researching commodities, and our comprehensive database offer a rich historical interpretation of market developments as well as critical insights into current and future trends.

Commodities markets are dynamic. Our extensive ties throughout global commodities markets allow us to remain abreast of topical issues related to individual commodities markets, fundamental trends, macro-economic developments, regulatory developments, and financial market trends that are likely to affect markets and our clients’ activities in them. Many of our institutional and individual investor clients do not invest directly in commodities but instead invest in natural resource producing companies. These clients rely on us to provide them timely analyses and information to help them position their portfolios to profit from anticipated commodities market developments and to protect themselves from potential adverse events. Some of our clients package our market consulting services with our other business areas, to include assistance with hedging strategies, asset management, off-take agreements, and strategic investments.

Case Studies:

In 2010 - 2012 CPM Group was engaged by BlackRock to serve as market consultant on copper for its iShare’s Copper Exchange Traded Fund.

We have provided market advisory services to a wide range of companies since 1986. We have provided research and analysis on specific aspects of the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, indium, cobalt, uranium, molybdenum, and other markets. We have provided services related to oil, gas, and other energy markets. Some of these projects were for industrial users of these metals.  In some cases the manufacturers had developed new uses for metals, and needed to understand the potential supply of specialty metals in order to assess the economic viability of commercializing the new applications. Other projects were for producers and refiners, while investors, governments, and financial institutions also have utilized our services.

CPM Group’s Managing Director co-authored a ground-breaking paper for the World Bank, Effective Commodity Price Risk Management, outlining ways for agricultural producers and processors in developing countries can utilize international options markets to provide revenue stabilization programs. CPM Group worked with the World Bank for many years after that as its International Advisor on these issues. CPM additionally presented similar programs to the Common Fund for Commodities, the International Cocoa Organization, the International Coffee Organization, and the International Cotton Advisory Council on issues related to providing price hedging and revenue stabilization programs to agricultural producers worldwide.