Financial Advisory Services

We deliver independent advice and services specifically tailored to each of our clients on their most important strategic decisions and financing transactions. We maintain a strong industry focus and integrate market intelligence from our Commodity Research and Commodity Management groups to achieve superior focused services.

Our Financial Advisory practice has two main components with a dedicated industry focus on mining and energy:

Coporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance services include general strategic and transaction specific advice for companies regarding mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, strategic partnerships, join ventures, corporate debt, structured debt and hedging.  Additionally, we participate in strategic equity placements.

Project Finance

Our Project Finance practice specializes in advising companies seeking to finance the development of specific assets.  We assist clients in formulating a project financial plan and provide advice and assistance in securing project debt financing and strategic partners. On transactions where hedging is required, we work closely with our Commodities Management group to analyze appropriate  hedging levels, secure trading lines and develop hedging strategies that preserve upside exposure for clients while limiting hedging requirements.