CPM Group Precious Metals Seminars and Training


Investors are focusing more than ever on increasing their understanding of how precious metals trade, including leasing and derivatives. They want to comprehend market mechanics and ultimately why prices behave the way they do.

CPM Group’s precious metals seminars provide clients with comprehensive reviews of each market in a full or half Day on Gold, Day on Silver, or Day on Platinum Group Metals briefing for executives and directors. Training events and seminars also are available on topics such as gold price formation, OTC trading, market mechanics, and other specific metals and commodities.

A team of CPM Group analysts spends one full day or half day at your offices or an off-site location. These intensive programs provide the deepest dive into the details of how markets work, of how metals actually trade and move around the global market. 

Receive the detailed analysis that has kept CPM Group ahead of the curve on commodity market views since 1980.

Allow CPM to help your management team understand the markets and give you the competitive advantage needed to make the best decisions in today’s environment.

Please click here to view sample agendas. Topics and full agendas are customized to best suit each client’s individual needs.

Fri, 11/04/2016