Precious Metals

CPM Group is a global leader in Precious Metals Research. This is combined with decades of experience in financial management of precious metals, including metals loans for project financing, hedging, and other commercial and investment products. With extensive experience in the precious metals space extending back into the 1970s, our expertise is unsurpassed in the industry.

We offer a full suite of services covering the precious metals market, including research and consulting services to help clients understand these markets better, and advisory services related to hedging, metals management, investment management, and financial advisory services focused on corporate finance and capital raising.

Our research and analysis includes proprietary historical data on supply, demand, and market information as well as forecast horizons that range from short-term to monthly, quarterly, annual, two-year, and ten-year. In addition to regularly scheduled reports, we produce an enormous volume of customized research and analyses for individual client companies. Our Research products and reports often are combined with additional client-specific consulting services.

Our monthly Precious Metals Advisory provides comprehensive coverage of medium-term developments and prospects for precious metals. The advisory contains 1-month, 3-month, and 2-year price targets as well as information, commentary, analysis, and two-year quarterly average price projections for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The advisory also covers the economic environment and financial markets as they affect precious metals prices.

We publish annual Yearbooks that provide extensive data, price, supply and demand projections, current statistics and analysis of market conditions for the Gold, Silver & Platinum Group Metals sectors. These reports typically are around 225 to 250 pages in length.

At least once a year we update and release special Long-Term Outlooks on the prospects for supply, demand, and prices for Gold, Silver and PGM markets for the next 10 years. These reports are comprised of three sections. The first portion presents detailed projections of supply, demand, and prices for all sectors of the each market; the second segment presents projections under alternate scenarios; and the third section provides a thorough background and history of the each market. The reports typically range from 200 to 350 pages in length.

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Many of our clients package our precious metals research with our Consulting, Financial Advisory, Commodities Management, and Asset Management services. We often advise our Precious Metals Research clients on hedging, investing, and other financial strategies which utilize our market timing expertise and commercial insight for achieving the most appropriate hedging structures and pricing terms.